Yunfeng Mountain

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Yunfeng Mountain got its name from the clouds surrounding its waist. It is a famous Taoist mountain, with its main peak 2,450 meters above sea level. On top is the Yunfeng temple, built in the 7th year of Chongzhen of the Ming dynasty (1632AD). Yunfeng temple offers sacrifices for Taoists and Buddhists, of which there are many in west Yunnan and Southeast Asia.

Each year, more than ten thousands pilgrims and visitors from home and abroad make the pilgrimage here. The "three flights of steps" is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Tengchong.  Yunfeng Mountain is one of the "steps". Entering the gate, tourists see beautiful, historic buildings, such as Jiexingying palace, Goddess of Mercy palace, Doumu attic, Yuhuang attic, Lvzu palace, and Laojun palace built to blend in with the mountain features.

The main building perches on the two-hectare wide mountaintop, with its eaves rising into the sky. Its well-knit structure, with functional layout, tough and rugged construction, bring it much acclaim from tourists. Walking up the mountain, tourists will enjoy many sights and sounds along the way, like jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, red azaleas, old vines hanging down from the trees, apes crying, and birds cawing. They will have the same experience as Xuxiaoke did when climbing here so long ago.

Walking to the halfway point of the mountain, the steps suddenly become steep. Tourists must climb 2685 steps to get to the mountain gate.  Arriving there, they may be exhausted, however it is worth it. Out of the mountain gate, there is a vertical precipice on which there are chiseled 43 steps.  Tourists must hold the chain railings to walk very close to the precipice. Nearby, there is a refreshingly sweet and cool spring.

After drinking, tourists may feel revived and it seems to be easier to climb the the rest of the way up the mountain. On the top, there is a panoramic view of the landscape. In the morning, the sunrise is spectacular. At night there is a vast cloud sea, with the moon rising and the frogs singing. Far away from the rest of the world and free from worldly cares.

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How to Get There?
visitors may take a bus to Ruidian in Tengchong, which covers a journey of 50 km.

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8:00 to 18:00

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Recommended visiting time: half a day or one day

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