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Tengchong Food

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Tengchong Featured Food:


Dajiujia ( means to come to the emperor's rescue) is one of the most famous local flavors of Tengchong Yunnan, one of fried Erkuai. The way of cooking it is that: cut erkuai into pieces, add ham, egg, meat, carrot and tomato, deep-fry them in the pot to well-done. It's said that when Yongli emperor of the Ming dynasty went into exile to Tengchong, he was miserable from hunger. A kind farmer cooked a big plate of erkuai for him.

At that moment, Yongli emperor couldn't believe that there was so delicious food existing in the world. The aftertaste lingering on him, he sigh with deep emotion "it rescued me!" So Dajiujia became aother name for Tengchong erkuai and sliced erkuai, whose fame got around fast.


Tounao belongs to nourished medicinal cuisine. The syrup contains three fatty pieces of mutton, a lotus root and a Chinese yam boiled in a bowl of flour paste. While eating it , throw some Chinese chives on it. Shaanxi Tounao has already been famous for a long time while Tengchong Tounano in Yunnan has just appeared.

Every Second day of January ion lunar calendar in Heshun, sons-in-law go and give greetings to parents-in-law at their homes, mothers-in-law will make a bowl of Tounao for them, which means having a beginning and an end in a year, clear, auspicious and a happy life. Tounao looks good and tastes fresh and sticky, which can build one's body well.

Hetu Dashao

Eaten together with Xiachun bean noodles and another Baoshan traditional dish—Hetu Dashao, it will be much more wonderful. Dashao, or "toast pig", has always been a big dish for feast in Baoshan, of which the toast pigs made by people in Hetu village are especially famous.

The way of making it is complicated: kill the mature pig and wash it clean, then seal the cut. Mix sesame oil, honey, soybean sauce and many kinds of aromatic spices together to make the seasoning and apply the seasoning on the pig, then toast it on the charcoal fire. While toasting it, keep on applying seasoning on it until it's well-done. Dashao is crispy outside and tender inside. The skin looks golden and bright and tastes crispy, while the meat tastes fresh and sweet. Its color, aroma and taste are incomparable than those same food cooked with other methods.

Tebgchong Preserved Fruits

Tengchong preserved fruits take fruits of sub-tropical and temperate zone as their main materials, of which assorted preserved papaya candy, licorice mango and preserves are famous. Tengchong preserved fruits choose fresh plum, mango, hawthorn, papaya and red bayberry as material, adapt scientific formula and produce more than 30 kinds preserves of Beijing and Guangdong flavors, i.e. licorice mango, preserved plum, lemon plum, appetizing hawthorn, sliced hawthorn, honey papaya etc. you may find every kind of preserves made from fruits of sub-tropical and temperate zones and each has its own feature.

Xiachun Bean Noodles

The genuine Xiachun bean noodles are made of soya milk made of peas, which is called "Chengjiang bean noodles". The features of it are that: bright-colored, chewy, tender and fresh. Especially the bean noodles made by factories like "Tuozi bean noodles", "Dongjiaque" and "yizhuomao" are so slender that they can wind around the chop-sticks and their quality and cutting skills become salutary tales around the people of the same trade. Xiachun bean noodles use choice seasonings: red chili oil, white sesame oil, yellow Chinese prickly ash oil, green coriander, milky-white mashed garlic, black soybean sauce and brown vinegar... it's so colorful and the smell will strike diners' nostrils.