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Tengchong Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/26

Tengchong Featured Food:

Dabaoipian (big Light Pieces)

It's a dish which tests cooks cutting skills. The main materials are pig's ear, tongue and mouth, of which the cooking method is unique. Wait until the well-done materials are cool, then cut them into pieces as big as a palm and as light as a piece of paper. If you stick it on the wall, it won't drop, hence the name "Dabaopian". Then you can eat it with ready-made seasonings.

Shidian Bean Slices

Shidian Bean Slices are traditional famous food of Shidian. It takes local white peas as its main ingredients and it has a history of more than 100 years. Wave-shaped and light-yellow-colored, it looks light and transparent and tastes tender and delicious and it's rich in nutrition, which is the best food to treat guests by local people. The ways of cooking it are various: you may fry, toast, steam or boil it.