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Xiachun bean noodles

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/21

The genuine Xiachun bean noodles are made of soya milk made of peas, which is called "Chengjiang bean noodles". The features of it are that: bright-colored, chewy, tender and fresh. Especially the bean noodles made by factories like "Tuozi bean noodles", "Dongjiaque" and "yizhuomao" are so slender that they can wind around the chop-sticks and their quality and cutting skills become salutary tales around the people of the same trade. Xiachun bean noodles use choice seasonings: red chili oil, white sesame oil, yellow Chinese prickly ash oil, green coriander, milky-white mashed garlic, black soybean sauce and brown vinegar... it's so colorful and the smell will strike diners' nostrils.