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Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand, known for the Land of Smiles. It is the nation’s largest industrial and commercial city, the political, economic, cultural and transport center of Thailand, as well as the second largest city in Southeast Asia. It is located on the north bank of coastal plain estuary of Chao Phraya River. Thai people call it “Krung Thep”, meaning city of angels for short. It is very hot in Bangkok is with the annual average temperature of 28℃ and the highest temperature of 38℃.

Bangkok has been the capital city of Thailand for more than 200 years. It was only a small village at first. It was after King Rama I took reign and moved the capital to Bangkok that it gradually developed into the metropolis today. Thai people believe that the king’s palace is the center of the universe. Therefore the whole construction of Bangkok is centered around the palace. Temples and official buildings are in the first ring, commercial areas are in the second ring, residential areas are in the third ring, while slums are located in the outmost ring. The imperial palaces and Buddhist temples are mostly built around the Chao Phraya River. The construction is resplendent and magnificent with typical golden spires of the Thai style. Layers of rooftops and gold foil pillars shine under the sun, making Bangkok look like a shiny and golden city. There are more than 400 Buddhist temples in Bangkok, so it is also reputed as the city of temples.

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