Phuket Island

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Phuket Island, located in the south of Thailand, is the largest island of the country. It is a heaven of peace and natural beauty. Warm and clear water of the Andaman Sea surrounds the island, together with natural landscape of beaches, grotesque islets, stalactite caves, natural caverns and the breathtaking underwater world. No wonder Phuket Island is regarded as the tropical paradise.

The name “Phuket” derived from Malaysia, meaning “hills”. It is only 862 kilometers away from Bangkok which is the capital city of Thailand. It is the only island with provincial administrative power in Thailand, covering an area of 543 square meters, which is approximately the same size of Singapore. Phuket Island is 48 kilometers long from north to south and 21 kilometers wide from east to west. The island is mostly mountainous, dotted with basins and there are 39 outlying islands.

In terms of natural scenery, the charming view of Phuket Island and the nearby Phang Nga Bay are favored by numerous international tourists. If you prefer primitive forests, Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is a good choice. Laem Phromthep or Phromthep Cape is a headland in the southernmost part of Phuket, which is a perfect place for watching the sunset. Other attractions worth recommending are Phuket Aquarium, pearl factory, Thai Village, Orchid Garden and Two Heroines Monument. The golf courses on the island offer picturesque scenery and professional courses, attracting golfers from all over the world.

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