Racha Yai Island

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Ever since Racha Yai Island was open to public, it has been favored by tourists with elegant taste for its stunning scenery, pure and pollution-free water and beach, relatively isolated location and luxurious facilities and service.

The original style and features of the natural landscape is well preserved. Besides the elegant natural tropical island scenery, the beauty of coral reefs is also unforgettable. Because it was developed not long ago, there are very few tourists here. The environment is much quieter and secluded than the bustling Phuket Island. It’s a quiet fairyland for tourists who love the peaceful life.

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How to Get There?

It is located 20 kilometers away from Phuket Island. It takes 25 minutes to take a speedboat or 50 minutes to take a ferry to get to Racha Yai Island from Chalong Pier of Phuket Island.

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Resorts on the island should not be missed. The Racha Resort has 75 luxury villas, each of which is equipped with private courtyards and open-air bathrooms, enabling visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Indian Ocean without stepping out the resort.

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