Vimanmek Palace

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Vimanmek Palace is the world’s largest golden teakwood mansion without a single nail in its construction. The interior decoration is pure European style of the 19th century, reflecting the Thai royalty’s determination to learn from the western powers. The golden teakwood palace takes on a beautiful golden color as the sun sets.


It was the former royal palace of the King Rama V. The construction was completed in 1868, and in 1910, it was moved to the current site. The palace was no longer in use after the King Rama V died. Until in 1983, at the 200th anniversary of Bangkok being the capital city of Thailand, the palace was reopened to the public under the order of the queen at that time.

The palace has three floors, all of which were built with teakwood. The architectural style is a blend of European and traditional Thai styles. The mansion was designed by the son of King Rama IV. Nowadays, Vimanmek Palace has been renovated for use as a museum with 31 exhibition rooms, exibting the King Rama V’s photographs, personal art and handicrafts, serving as a showcase of the Thai national heritage.


10:00 and 14:00, daily. There are Thai dances and Thai boxing. Performances are scheduled on the stage at the back of the palace. On Mondays, there are shows of monkey tricks.

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How to Get There?

It is located adjacent to the opposite of Duzit Zoo, which is a little further from the Old Parliament House. You can get there by taking public bus No. 10, 18, 27, 28, 70 and 108.

Ticket Price:

The ticket price is 100 THB per person. Admission is free if you have tickets to the Grand Palace.

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Visitors are not allowed to visit there by themselves. They should visit there with the company of tour guides and visit in group every half hour between 9:00 and 15:15. The visiting time is about one hour and you should be dressed modestly.

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