Wat Patong

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Wat Patong is the oldest temple on Phuket Island, consecrating a Buddha statue, half of which is hidden under the ground. It is said that when the Burmese invaded this region and planned to carry away the statue, swarms of wasps gathered on the statue and the Burmese had no idea how to dig the statue, so the Buddha statue was preserved there till today. This unique statue is half hidden under the ground and is said to be efficacious, so lots of Thais come here to worship.

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Wat Patong is only 20 kilometers away from Phuket Town. You need to take a small pickup truck to Taran and then go along the main road towards the opposite direction to the city area. For not long you will see the road sign of the temple, turn right and you will reach the temple. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from the intersection of Ton Sai Waterfall to the temple.

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