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Thailand Food

Last updated by joyce at 2017/6/20

In Thailand, people in different regions have their own favorite dishes. People in the northeast enjoy glutinous rice with roasted chicken and a spicy pawpaw salad called “Som Tam”. This kind of salad mixes pawpaw slices, small shrimp, lemon juice, fish sauce, garlic and chopped chili. People in the north enjoy “Naem”, which is unique and local sour meat. People in the south prefer Muslim food and seafood.

Thailand boasts a variety of famous seafood dishes, such as Tom Yam Kung (a kind of lemon shrimp soup), Mikrop (a delicious and crispy noodle made from shrimp, pork, egg and sweet and sour sauce), Chicken Curry, Tom Kha Kai (a Thai flavor soup made with coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass and chicken), Yam Nua (spicy Thai beef salad), Haw Moek (fish curry steamed in banana leaf cups) and steamed lobster. The recipe of China’s roasted duck was spead to Thailand, combined with Thai flavors, and made into the popular Thai roasted red duck curry. Shark fin soup and Teochew-style braised goose are common dishes in Chinatown.

Thai restaurants usually fry bananas in syrup or coconut milk as desserts. For snacks and desserts, there are Thai fish cakes, hot and spicy chicken feet, black glutinous rice and various pastries, among which durian-flavored or mango-flavored sticky rice are the most famous. Please don’t drink wine when you eat this kind of rice because it is said that if wine is consumed at the same time with durian-flavored or mango-flavored sticky rice, plentiful of heat will be produced within the human body and thus the body temperature will rise sharply. When you have meal in Thailand, apart from Thai cuisine, you can also enjoy delicacies from all the world. Most restaurants serve western food, while Chinese restaurants are commonly seen in Bangkok and major tourist spots, serving Cantonese and Fujian dishes.

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