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Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant

Last updated by lala at 2017/6/19

It is a very famous and popular restaurant in Thailand. It becomes well-known for the elegant Thai music, fantastic images of Thai imperial palace, fruits and melons along the aisle, wood decoration and other specialities, all of which make you feel like being in the tropical forest of Thailand. The improvised singing and dancing performances performed by chefs and staff in the restaurant will make you feel happy.

Specialties: sauteed crabs with curry, Thai style cold dish with iced and preserved shrimp, Thai style pig feet, Thai style hors d'oeuvres, Malay style chicken curry

Seating Capacity: 500

Environment: Southeast Asian Tropical Flavor

Opening Time: 11:00—23:00

Average spending: 454 THB per person

Transport: taxi

Why We Recommend: Genuine and tasty Thai dishes. Performances in the evening. The decor and building make you feel like being in an imperial palace.