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Tarn Thai Cuisine

Last updated by lala at 2017/6/19

This newly opened restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine. The interior decoration differs from traditional Thai styles. It adopts simple and fashionable styles by using black, white and cream colors. The dining environment is spacious, peaceful and elegant.

The strong and spicy Thai cuisine is always popular in summer. The main ingredients are chili pepper, lemon leaf, shrimp sauce, basil, coriander, purple perilla leaf, fish sauce, coconut milk, and the like. Usually Thai restaurants which offer authentic Thai cuisine adopt traditional Thai style decorations, which seems to be a rule.

However, Tarn Thai Thai Cuisine broke the rule and adopts fashionable decoration style, trying to create a cozy dining environment with high quality for its customers.

Pushing open the glass door of the restaurant, the antique chandelier, high ceilings, cream-colored table cloths, black leather seats and a bar counter will come into view. Tourists will feel like entering into a western restaurant at the first sight. The chefs here, however, come from south Thailand, and the woman head chef has more than 30 years of cooking experience. All the dishes are of authentic Thai flavor.

Manager of the restaurant said that chef Wan who comes from Thailand is an experienced chef highly recommended by the restaurant owner. Several owners of the restaurant are gourmets of Thai cuisine. Though they have dined in many Thai restaurants, they still love the dishes that chef Wan cooks.”