Ancient Stratum Section

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Occupying 8.4 square kilometers, the well-preserved ancient stratum section is about 24 kilometers long and 350 meters wide from east to west. It is famous for its diversity, continuity, well-preserved condition, clear structure and rich fossil collections.

The stratum section is made up of three stratum units: the Changcheng System, the Jixian System and the Qing Baikou System, which include 11 groups and 105 layers.

The scenery at the scenic area includes a chain of mountains, the Yellow Cliff Great Wall in the north, the ancient capital of Yuyang in the south and Panshan, the number one mountain in the eastern Beijing region. Other places of interest include the East Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty and the Baxian Zhuozi (Eight-Fairy-Table) Nature Reserve in the east.

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The ancient stratum section is located in northern Ji County to the east of the road from the county center to Huanya Guan. The section starts from Changzhou Village in the northeast of the county, extending from northeast to southwest and ending at Fujun Mountain.

How to Get There?

Take the bus toward the northern county and get off at the starting point of the section: Changzhou Village in Xiaying Town. Follow the section south and arrive at the end, in Beishan Jing'er Yu Village.

Ticket Price:

RMB 35

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Approximate travel time: three hours.

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