Baocheng Alpine Garden

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Baocheng Alpine Garden was funded by Chaibao Cheng, a private enterpriser in Tianjin, who had invested about 120 million RMB on this project. Standing in the center of North Park, in Baocheng Alpine Garden, you can see a giant stone that is 10.7 meters high and 73 tons. It is said to be the largest one in Asia. It looks like Kwan-yin, dressed in a cassock and facing west. She seems to be thinking and appears to have achieved a state of perfect spiritual enlightenment. Entering the garden from the foot of this giant stone, you will walk into what seems like an ancient ruined stone city. Following the loess path, you can see giant stones of various shapes standing in a great numbers: some like dinosaurs, some like stone birds preparing to fly and some like a group of elephants.

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It is located in Baocheng New Vilage, Shuangqiao He Town, Jinnan District, Tianjin.

How to Get There?

You could take a bus from the downtown in Tianjin and get down at Baocheng Conference Center.

Ticket Price:

RMB 40

Opening Hours:

More Tips:
Recommending Traveling Time Half a day.

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