Mount Jiulong Shan National Forest Park

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The Nine Dragons Mountain Forest Park occupies 2,126 hectares of land and three scenic areas: Nine Dragons Mountain, Lihu Tai Mountain, and Huanghua Ling Mountain. The area was once the royal garden of the Daoguang and the Tongzhi emperors during the Qing Dynasty. In the northeast portion of the park are nine continuous ridges, similar in appearance to nine gathering dragons, aptly named Nine Dragon Mountain.

The park sits like a basin surrounded by mountain groups. With ancient caves, a quiet forest, astonishing peaks and excellent water, the park has become a special forest tourism area in eastern Beijing. There are 147 peaks inside the park, and the highest, Lihua Tai Mountain, reaches 997 meters. Above the highest peak of Mt. Nine Dragon, Huanghua Ling, which is 558.4 meters, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Panshan Mountain to the west, the Royal Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty to the east, Cuiping Lake to the south, and Jiuding Mountain, Ancient Great Wall and Eight-Fairy Mountain to the north, all contributing to the glory and gracefulness of the scenery.

Solo Adventure Tips:


In Chuanfang Yu, 20 kilometers in the east of Jixian County.

How to Get There?

After coming out of Jixian County, follow Bangxi Road and go north. After reaching Xiaoxin Village in Chuangfang Yu Town, you will easily find the destination by following the traffic sign. If you start from Beijing, take a bus at Bawang Wen toward Jixian County Bus Station. At Jixian County Bus Station, regular buses go to Mt. Jiulong.

Ticket Price:

RMB 40

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Recommended travel time: one day.

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