Tianjin Great Mosque

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Tianjin Great Mosque was constructed over hundreds of years, starting in the Shuanzhi period (1644) at the beginning of the Qing Dynasty. It was rebuilt and expanded several times, and finally formed its current size.

The mosque covers 5,000 square meters, with construction area of 2,200 square meters. The main buildings include the entrance wall, the gate tower, the worship hall, the sermon hall, the bathroom, among others. The worship hall contains the main hall and the rear hall. On the top of the rear hall are five booth-like pavilions. Around the worship hall is the ambulatory. Flower-patterned brick carvings are embedded into both the main ridge and the drooping ridge, and tablets and couplets written in Chinese and Arabic hang in the main hall. The Chinese tablets and couplets, mainly created during the Qing Dynasty, are of high value. Moreover, many precious cultural relics are preserved in the mosque, including two mini versions of the Alcoran. Brick carvings describing famous scenic spots in Tianjin City are preserved on the gate tower.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located in the old city of Tianjin, called Xiaohuo Xiang, in the Hongqiao District.

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:

RMB 15

Opening Hours:

6:00 to 17:00

More Tips:

Tianjin Great Mosque is located in the gathering place of the Hui nationality, which offers various Islamic dishes.

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