Tianjin Historical Museum

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Jade articles are exhibited in the museum, which display the entire development of the Chinese bowlder technology. Among the pieces is a Red Mountain Culture Jade Pig Dragon, also called the Beast-Shaped Article. This article’s material is turquoise cave rock jade, shaped like the letter “C,” with a large head, two upright ears, and two round eyes. Its mouth protrudes, there are wrinkles around the nose, no stripes on the body, and two little holes in the back. This article, resembling either a pig or a dragon,is typical of articles from the Red Mountain Culture.

Most of the 1,700-odd tortoise shells and bones carved with ancient Chinese characters were donated by descendants of the earliest founders and researchers of tortoise shells and bones carved with ancient Chinese characters, Wang Xiang and Wang Xi. Some are from collections of Yi Guanghui and Chen Banghuai, making their historical and scientific value obvious.

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Located on Guanghua Road in Hedong District in Tianjin.

How to Get There?

Take bus 33, 47, 48,676, or 685 and get off at the Historical Museum bus stop.

Ticket Price:

RMB 30

Opening Hours:

9:00  -17:00

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Recommending Traveling Time Half a day

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