Tianjin Quanye Bazaar

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Construction began on Tianjin Quanye Bazaar in 1928 and, with Tianxiang Plaza, comprises Tianjin Bazaar, where general merchandise is sold. A French architect originally designed the building, with its strong European style. After decades, the building maintains its charm and unique grace. It was ranked as a Class A National Protected Architectural structure.

Over the years, Tianjin Quanye Bazaar has created a unique way of operating. Because of its location, at the crossing of Heping Road and Binjiang Avenue, two famous pedestrian streets in Tianjin, it is viewed as a symbol of Tianjin’s commercial prosperity. People in Tianjin call it the “No. 1 Store on Gold Street.” People outside of Tianjin believe that if they have not been to Quanye Bazaar, they have not been to Tianjin.

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It is located at No. 290, Heping Road, Heping District.

How to Get There?

Take Tianjin public bus 1, 3, 41, 45, 50, 600, 603, 606, 610, 611, 612, 619, 624, 628, 632, 633, 634, or 962. Tourism bus line 2 also takes you there. Most Tianjin public bus lines reach Binjiang Road and Heping Road, where Tianjin Quanye Bazaar is located.

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Opening Hours:

9:00  -21:00

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Along Binjiang Road and Heping Road are many popular restaurants, such as McDonald's, KFC, California Beef Noodles, Pizza Hut, PK, Korea BBQ, as well as other snack stores that offer hot and spicy boiled, skewered food.

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