Tianjin Tropical Plants Sightseeing Garden

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Occupying 40,000 square meters, the Tianjin Tropical Plants Sightseeing Garden consists of four large halls: Comprehensive Service Hall, the Up-class Flowers Hall, the Science Education Hall, and the Tropical Rain Forest Hall.

The Comprehensive Service Hall contains dining rooms, entertaining services, areas to sell goods, and information services. Beyond Comprehensive Service Hall is the Up-class Flowers Hall, where you can enjoy numerous wonderful flowers. Follow the coconut tree corridor next to the music fountain to get to the Science Education Hall, where you’ll find the On-Air Butterfly Hall, the Dreaming Forest, Dinosaur Hall, Peacock Park, the Small Village, and a brook surrounding the village, as well as a science education square. The last hall, Tropical Rain Forest Hall, is the most wonderful. Enjoy various tropical sights here, such as a giant banyan, a flying waterfall, crocodiles, a Dai nationality village, and a python.  Also enjoy the miniature, proportioned version of the Lingshan Mountain in Guizhou Province.

With its modern technology, Tianjin Tropical Plants Sightseeing Garden simulates a tropical living environment.  Rainfalls, thundering, and other replications of tropical climate happen here, placing the visitor in a real tropical jungle.

The Tianjin Tropical Plants Sightseeing Garden also holds seasonal theme activities, such as Banna Living Surrounding, Rain Forest Culture, and the Garden Ecosystem Tourism Festivals.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located inside the Caozhuang Flower Market, Xiqing District, Tianjin

How to Get There?

Take bus 25, 31, 645, or 851 or a taxi.

Ticket Price:

50 yuan RMB per one adult and 15 yuan RMB for teenagers. Ticket prices may be increased for activities or exhibitions.  Various promotional activities are offered.

Opening Hours:
7:00 - 18:00

More Tips:
Recommending Traveling Time half a day

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