Tianjin Western Style Buildings

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Tianjin always tends to remind people of its famous fried dough twists (Mahua) and delectable Goubuli buns (Goubuli baozi). However, the most valuable things in this old city are actually the old buildings in the Five-Avenue Area. Almost 1,000 beautiful, small western-style buildings help to tell the history and story of Tianjin. They are all fascinatingly built in the English style, French style, Russian style, Italian style, and German style, and more. It is no wonder, then, that Tianjin is called the real life world architecture museum. All these buildings are located within five avenues: Machang Avenue, Munan Avenue, Dali Avenue, Changde Avenue, Chongqing Avenue, and Chengdu Avenue. They are each unique in design, special in appearance, and elegant in decoration. What’s more, every building has its own unique backgrounds and legends that only add to their delectable charm. Tianjin Western Style Buildings were selected as the Top Undiscovered China Attractions

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