Tianta Lake

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Tianta Lake is located in the city of Tianjin which is China’s third largest city. It is roughly 120 km from the capital Beijing and is a thirty minute journey by train. The lake itself is located in Hexi town between Weijin South road and Zijishan road. Until 1991 this small lake was mainly unheard of and was ignored by tourists.

The Tianta television and radio station tower was constructed here and made this place a hotspot among both local and foreign holiday makers. The tower that stretches into the bluish sky is the only one of its kind as there is no other water based tower in the entire world. Thanks to this magnificent tower Tianta Lake ranks among the top ten attractions in Tianjin.

Things to see and do

When viewed from the vicinity the tower appears to pierce the sky from a mirror smooth water surface. The locals have gone ahead and nicknamed it Tianta Floating Clouds. The unique design of the tower integrates sightseeing, entertainment, a world class catering service and radio and television broadcasting. From the top of Tianta Floating tower tourists are treated to a bird’s eye view of the whole city. The splendid panoramic image you get from this height is sure to leave a lasting Impression on you.

Another marvel of the Floating Tower is the revolving restaurant, which takes the shape of a flying saucer. This restaurant is approximately 270 meters high and can accommodate more than two hundred people at a go. The revolving restaurant usually takes about one hour to complete a single revolution, treating occupants to a rare view of the metropolis that lies below. This restaurant rivals its counterpart, which is located in Centre Point Tower in Sydney, Australia. Apart from the splendid views, the tower also offers excellent Tianjin cuisine and snacks. A few snacks that are worth trying out include the Maobuwen boiled dumpling and Goubuli steamed bun.

At the foot of Tianta Floating Clouds visitors are also treated to a world-class grand music fountain. Have a great time as you relax by watching a movie curtain movie, which is shown on a movie screen under the water’s surface. The movie curtain is an exciting and adventurous way to pass time at the lake. Another unique feature about Tianta Lake is that it is home to the world’s longest man-made mountain. The Tianta Lake resort magically blends dining, entertainment   and sightseeing, and a trip to Tianjin would be incomplete without visiting this area.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Tianta Lake is found along Niegong Bridge with Zijishan road to the west and Jin Liu road to the east.

How to Get There?

A bus ride is the most convenient way to get to Tianta Lake. There are plenty of bus services that ply the Tianta route and these include bus No. 658, 859, 16, 677, 858, 94, 632, and 8. The bus will drop you off at a convenient point adjacent to the entrance and from there you can complete your journey on foot.

Ticket Price:

RMB 50

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

The recommended time to visit Tianta Lake is in the evening or at nightfall. During this time you can catch a glimpse of the tower’s inverted image on the water surface as well as have a bird’s eye view of nighttime Tianjin. The recommended visit time is twelve hours.

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