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Tianjin Shopping

Tianjin Local Products:

Tianjin specialities include Chinese kite, painted sculpture and new year pictures. 

Mud Man Zhang Painted Sculpture

Mud Man Zhang refers to Zhang Zhiming who was a widely known craftsman in Tianjin. The techniques used in this type of painted sculpture are over five generations old; the original creator was Zhang Mingshan. It is said that when Zhang Mingshan went to watch a play, he would hide a piece of mud in his sleeve. He tweaked the mud while he watched the play. When the play ended, his lively and visually accurate sculptures of all the characters in the play were also finished. The most brilliant work of Mud Man Zhang is from the play Zhongkui (How to Marry Your Younger Sister). There are 29 sculptures each with unique expressions and stances; it is a rare and precious work.

Chinese Kite

Chinese kites are framed by thin bamboos and then pasted with paper or silk. The four skills of binding, pasting, painting, and flying for making kites have strict requirements. To bind a kite should meet the requirement of symmetry, which enables both sides of the kite to support itself balanceablely against the wind. To paste a kite demands the neatness and efficiency of the whole kite. Paintings on a kite should be visible in the distance and vivid at close range. Kite made in Tianjin, Beijing and Weifang are more superior among many styles. read more on Chinese kite

Yangliu Qing New Year Pictures

Yangliu Qing New Year Pictures got their name for the original place, Yangliu Qing Town, in southwestern Tianjin. As a famous Chinese folk xylograph, it follows the painting traditions of both Song and Yuan Dynasty, and combines different art elements from the Ming Dynasty, such as woodcarving printing skills, industrial arts, dramatic performance, etc. Yangliu Qing New Year Pictures began during the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty and reached its climax before the Guangxu period in the Qing Dynasty. The subject matter for the Yangliu Qing New Year Picture could cover anything including local people's daily life and customs. You could also find historical stories and fairy tales within the pictures. Every spring festival, many families would paste their windows and walls with different New Year pictures to show their joy and good wishes for the New Year. There are many Yangliu Qing New Year Pictures in the Yangliu Qiong New Year Picture Museum.

Maifan Stone (winding Wheat And Rice Stone)

Maifan Stone is considered as one of the Three Treasures of Ji County in Tianjin. Maifan Stone can be rubbed into a a kind of stuff shaped like boiled wheat and rice. This kind of stone can be used to filter water. The filtered water can benefit your health. Recent years, some expert both in and abroad have begin to study this kind of stone, which could be used to remove fluorine, peculiar smell, body building and medical treatment of skin diseases.

Tianjin Shops and Stores:

Binjiang Dao and Heping Lu are major shopping streets, packed with large department stores and hundreds of boutiques. If you are searching for souvenirs and curios, try the Ancient Culture street and the Confucius Temple Market. 

Ancient Culture Street

Ancient Culture Street
Tianjin Ancient Culture Street, with Qing-dynasty-style buildings on its both sides, is really popular shopping street in Tianjin. The street starts from Old Iron Bridge (Gongbei Avenue) in the north and reach Shuige Avenue (Gongnan Avenue) in the south.Hundreds of shops on the streets sell Spring Festival pictures, painted mud sculptures, four treasures of the study including writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper (such as Sibao Hall, Chuangzai Hall) and antiques. You also can taste a number of Tianjin famous snacks in the Ancient Culture Street, such as Tea Soup, Crispy Rice Dish, Fried Cake.

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