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Top Night Markets in China

Last updated by meimeili at 2013/11/28; Destinations: Guilin, Xi'an, Hong Kong, Lijiang


Zhengzhou (郑州) is a city on the south bank of the Yellow River (Huang He) in China. It is the capital of the Henan Province.
The city’s focal point is Erqi (February 7) Square (二七广场). This large public square comes alive at night, when the entire market fills up with vendors and locals looking to shop.


Xi'an is home to a large population of Hui people (to the extent that any minority population in China can be called “large”); the Hui are Muslims. The Xi'an night market is located behind the town's Great Mosque.

Xian's night market is located behind the drum tower. The area is a large shopping district made up of small lanes and alleys. The buildings are built in the architectural style of the Qing dynasty, and are quite colourful. At night, many vendors and snack sellers set up stalls along the narrow streets to sell local arts and food. The shops sell Xian specialties like art supplies, traditional fans, tea shadow puppets, and snacks. There are many tea houses where visitors can relax, have a cup of tea, and people watch.

Nihgt Market

Nanchan Si at night

Song Xian Qiao Market large antique-market can be found close to the Green Ram Taoist-temple in the western part of the city. Here, visitors will find everything from relics and old porcelain dishes, to jewellery, calligraphy also some Tibetan stuff.

Lijiang night market

 At night, the famous bar street in the Old Town is really worth a visit. No matter where you go, you will find a harmonious combination of tradition and fashion in the city.
Night markets settle down in Xianmen streets: Fengchaoshan Lu, Lianban Yilu.

Hong Kong

The most important belong to Kowloon: Temple Street Market & Ladies Market. Temple Street Market: Late in  the evening this market offers a wide selection of cheap men's wear, gadgets, watches, pens, sun glasses, CD’s and luggage in the alleys at nightfall. It is the real big store from 8 pm till 11 pm. The stalls occupy the whole street and abound in gadgets, luggage, and watches, play sets (mah-jong), traditional teapots in the shape of lotus leaves and other low-priced goods.

East of Nathan Road, Ladies Market (specialized in women swear) in Tung Choi Street is similar to the Temple Street night-market, but it takes place during the day from noon till 10:30 pm. It is essentially centred on cheap clothes, jewels and accessories. A lot stalls of dai pong dong (Chinese food) in the neighbouring streets.

Donghuamen Night Market, Beijing is a good option when you want to try one of the local dishes. This area is packed with numerous food stalls and market stalls. You can also give a try at Yong An Li vegetable market.
Donghuamen Yeshi, in the north extremity of Wangfujing, is worth seeing. You can buy lamb kebabs beef or chicken, grilled corn, tofu, pancakes, Inner Mongolia cheese, stuffed eggplants, shrimps and hundreds of other curiosities which leave generally foreigners stunned! The market is opened every day from 5:30 pm till 10:00 pm.

Dunhuang Night market

The city of Dunhuang welcomes numerous markets and the most interesting is certainly the Night market.
Known under the name of Shazhou market (沙洲夜市, shāzhōu yèshì), this night market is the biggest open-air market of Dunhuang. You will find crafts, antiques, jade jewels, jade objects, tea but also local products, as well as the folklore items from different ethnic groups of China.

From a gastronomic point of view, Shazhou night market is one of the best places to taste culinary specialties of the city: soft melon Huanghe and melon Hami, Saozi noodle, filled bread rolls or mutton kebabs…

Shanghai night markets begin at the end of the day when the sun goes down and continue until stocks last in the middle of the night. Generally situated in the heart of the hutongs, there is a vibrant population. More than a simple place to purchase, local people take their meals with working colleagues, friends or family.

Night market on the Zhong shan Road, Guilin

Every evening of the year, except that of the Chinese New Year, the main street of Guilin called Zhongshan lu, is an immense market for the biggest enjoyment of the Chinese and foreign tourists.

You will appreciate stalls of small craft objects, souvenirs, paintings, local specialties, postcards... Everybody finds what he/she is looking for there. And if you are not amateurs of shopping, it is at least one excellent digestive leisurely walk after the dinner!