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Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour Guide

With the history of about 1,700 years, Zhujiajiao Water Town is not to be missed if you have plans to go to Shanghai.

Located on the outskirts of Shanghai, this water town offers an authentic experience as you meet the local people in its narrow alleys, feast your eyes on those antiquated buildings and the picturesque canals, or enjoy the food on one of those ancient bridges.

Explore the remains of ancient spice stores, rice shops and even a post office from the Qing dynasty. Follow me, as I take you into the world of ancient water town that will offer you an unforgettable experience like no other.


Zhujiajiao Water Town (5-6 Hours)

Fangsheng Bridge (East Side)

We move further into the water town through Xinfeng Road and then towards the North Street to start the tour with Fangsheng Bridge, a popular tourist attractions and one of the most well-known among the ancient 36 stone bridges built in the Shanghai region.

The famous five-arched bridge was originally built in 1571 by the monk Xingchao of Cimen Temple and then rebuilt in 1812. It is known to be the largest stone arch bridge in Shanghai. Here visitors can experience a curious tradition of buying live fish from street vendors and then putting them back into the water for good luck.

Fangsheng Bridge is also known as the Rainbow Bridge, and has a stone tablet named the Dragon Gate Stone, engraved with eight coiling dragons surrounding a shining pearl.


Ke Zhi Yuan (North Side)

We now move towards the northern end of the town passing under Yong’an Bridge and Zhogliang Bridge and reach Kezhi Yuan, a garden dating back to 1912 on Xijing Street.

The word “kezhi” means “learn to plant”. This used to be a place to learn about plants and how to plant. The area comprises of the main hall, a garden, and an artificial hill. It also has a five story building with a pavilion on its roof making it the tallest structure in old Zhujiajiao.

Visitors can enjoy quiet and secluded surroundings in the beautiful Kezhi Garden. Visitors can also explore the Yongquan Bridge nearby.


Qing Dynasty Post Office (South-West Side)

As we move towards the southern section of the Zhujiajiao water town we sail through Tai’an Bridge, Qijia Bridge and Yongfeng Bridge to reach Post Office of the Qing dynasty.

This is one of the best preserved from the era in China. Visitors can see antique post cards of old Shanghai as well as old letters written on bamboo.

This is one of the main post offices of Shanghai and was built in 1875.

Other Attractions of Zhujiajiao Water Town

Visit Shanghai Quanhua Art Museum and Museum of Shanghai Ancient Culture where you can see a selection of hundreds and thousands of Chinese cultural relics from the Old Stone Age to modern times.

You can gaze at the lives of the simple people through half-closed wooden doors busy with their routine life and preparing daily meals. Catch the whiff of the aromatic flavors of their cooking spilling onto the street. Peddlers sell local snacks such as rice dumplings and other local snacks as they travel from lane to lane.

All houses have typical Chinese red pendant hanging on the doors, and most of the houses have miniature gardens. Ancestor pottery hall boasts of large collections of the stoneware and pottery. You can learn about the fish culture, fishermen habits, fish production at the Fisherman house. Have a look at the herbal and animal extracts medicines at the Chinese medicine shop and gaze at the silk productions at the Museum of Silk.

Baoguo monastery on Dianshan Lake was built in Ming dynasty and has a thousand year gingko tree and marble statue.



The scenic spots and attractions above are just a few of the pretty attractions of this water town. You are sure to forget where you came from and enjoy exploring those ancient narrow lanes, old residences and stone hawsers on the riverside.

The best way to see the town and experience the local is to go by boat or gondolas. The small boats can be easily located and can easily seat five adults. Customize your visit to this ancient town and the best way to view the town is from the water. You can arrange for short distance or a long distance trip.

There are small wooden ticket booths from where you can buy the tickets.

There are other nearby attractions such as Dianshan Lake and Jinze Bridge Township of Qingpu District. Get a glimpse of the life in the old days in Zhujiajiao Water Town, which has fast developed as a tourist spot.