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Guilin Botanical Garden

Guilin Botanical Garden is a must-see for all visitors traveling to China, especially for those who are looking to spend some quality time in tranquil and respite. The park is dotted with almost 3000 types of plants including medicinal herb, endemic, and endangered plants.


Founded in 1958, Guilin Botanical Garden is one of the ten oldest botanical gardens in the country, covering up to 47.9 hectares. It is located in the foothills of Yanshan town, Guilin, China, and is the habitat of South Asian tropical plant species, small ponds, different types of birds, etc. The trees, shrubs, and plants are well groomed and manicured here, allowing the visitors to enjoy beautiful landscape scenario.

The park is a nice place for kids because it has plastic toys for them to play and several rides for them to enjoy. Moreover, each plant in the park is introduced in Chinese, making it easy for them to learn about nature.

While walking around the park, you can enjoy the fabulous views of the lakeside area and the Elephant Bridge rock formation. Some little ponds are scattered around the park near which the visitors can enjoy some relaxed moments. The ponds are the habitat of koi fish and water plants like lotus flowers, offering calm natural sound of running water coupled with stunning views.

You can just come to the park and indulge yourself into the restful surroundings. Sit and relax or just walk around and watch people doing their dance performances, ti chi session, exercises, etc. You can also make a visit to the large shopping mall standing across the road from the garden. Shop there, meet and greet with local people, and enjoy good quality food in the huge food court inside.

There is an amusement park behind the shopping mall where you can take rides on Ferris wheel, boats, jump from parachutes, and riding on the ghost train. It is a nice place to spend some time with fun and excitement.

In short, you can:

  • Watch the views of lakeside area and Elephant Rock formation
  • Watch the koi fishes and water plants in the small ponds
  • Just walk around and enjoy the beautiful natural views
  • Indulge yourself into the restful surroundings
  • Go shopping and eating into the nearby shopping mall
  • Spend some exciting time at the nearby amusement park

Top-Rated Attractions Nearby

Sanhua Wine Culture Museum

Go to the foot of the Elephant Mountain to visit the Sanhua Wine Culture Museum. It displays old photographs that represent Guilin’s history of the liquor in the last century.

Guilin Museum

After a visit to the botanical garden, you can go to the Guilin Museum in Xishan Park, which is one of the top 100 History and Culture museums in the country. It has a wide collection of 21,500 cultural relics including artifacts from Qing and Ming dynasties.  

Former Residence and Office of Li Zongren

Go to the south bank of Shan Lake to take a look at the former residence and office of Li Zongren, who had a significant influence on the modern history of China.

When to Visit

The garden is suitable to visit at any time of the year, as it remains cool and tranquil even during the hot summer days! However, you may want to avoid the winter season when there is not too much life around.

How to Get There

From Guilin Train Station: Take bus no.10 from outside the train station and exit at the last stoppage, Botanical Garden.

From Guilin Bus Station: Take bus no.10 from the bus station and the Botanical Garden is the last stoppage.

You can also take taxi from the outside of both the bus and train stations.