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Guanyan Scenic Resort

Last updated by raynor at 2016/4/1; Destinations: Guilin

Guanyan Scenic Resort is a picturesque spot built around the Guanyan, a beautiful ancient Karst cave located in the Yanshan District, Guangxi Province of the south China. The cave offers beautiful sightseeing and a vacation resort.

Guanyan Scenic Resort is a 4-square kilometer spot that was recently constructed inside the cave, which is believed to be formed million years ago. However, famous writer and geographer of the Ming Dynasty Xu Xiake explored the cave in 1637. It is also known as the Crown Cave because the hill above the cave looks like a crown.

The Guanyan Scenic Resort is located on the east bank of the middle of the Lijiang River in the Caoping Hui Autonomous Township, almost 29 kilometers south of the downtown Guilin. Its area is measured from the foot of the Haiyang Hill to nearly 12 kilometers under the ground. The cave was reconstructed into a tourist spot in the early 1990s.

Things to See

As a Karst cave, the spot is filled with numerous caverns of various sizes and all of them are filled with rock formation, stalagmite, or stalactite. The view of the cave is beyond fascinating and the colorful lighting inside the cave enhances its beauty even more. The lights create a mysterious aura inside the cave, giving the visitors a thrilling experience to relish for a long time.

Apart from enjoying the beauty of the resort and the cave, you can make short trips to the rural villages, fishponds, botanical gardens, and the likes outside the cave. In addition, there is a waterfall inside the cave as well.

In fact, the place is possibly the only spot where you can enjoy the four aspects of Guilin’s beauty – the rivers, the mountains, the rocks, and the caves.

How to Explore the Spot

Several different ways are available:

On Foot: Take the 1-kilometer long walking path and slowly unveil the beauty of the wonderful cave.

The Gliding Cable: Enjoy the thrill of the gliding cable that travels hundreds of meters within the spot.

The Railed Tram: The tram covers 500 meters inside the cave.

The Observation Lift: Get a thrilling experience by getting into the observation lift that rises nearly 36 meters inside the cave.

The Wooden Boat: You can go along the river inside the cave by riding the wooden boat.

When to Visit

The cave is opened from 8:30 in the morning till 16:30 in the evening. So, plan your trip around that timing keeping in mind that covering the entire place will not take more than 1 to 3 hours. On a side note, the entry to the cave is not free. You have to pay 80RMB per person as the admission fee.

You can visit the spot at any time of the year. However, it is to be noted that the temperature there is dramatically lower as it is an underground cave. So, do not forget taking warm clothes while visiting the resort.

How to Get There

By Bus: Getting to the Guanyan Scenic Resort is very easy. Just go to the Guilin Chief Bus Station at the Zhongshan Road (South) and take the bus that goes directly to Guanyan.