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Kanas Lake

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Kanas Lake is a famous freshwater lake in northern Burqin County Altay region Xinjiang, located in the Altai Mountains, covers an area of 45.73 square kilometers, with an average depth of 120 meters, the deepest reached 188.5 meters,  5.38 billion cubic meters water storage capacity. it's like a crescent-like shape and  estimated to be made by a strong movement of ancient glacial valley water block .

"Big redfish", Kanas Lake monster legend often comes around, it says the monster is 10 meters in length, some scientists speculated it is the large freshwater carnivorous fish Hucho salmon, but did not receive the actual observation support. The scenic lake, surrounded by thick forest, mainly residents of the Tuva people. now it is a Chinese National 5A Grade Scenic.

The average temperature is only 4 ℃, in January the average temperature is  -24 ℃, even in the summer you have to prepare some warm clothes. If you Really want to enjoy the Kanas natural beauty, come between June to September. Kanas closes in October,  But there are also adventurous travelers visit before the mountains closes and local people spent the long winter isolated. The spring of Kanas is in June , the grass is green, flowers are blooming, red peony root and red flowers everywhere Liu Lan, Lotus, Tulip and water renoncule a golden, delphinium, iris, Delphinium, forget-me faint with Hui, tall umbrella wind and wild carrot flowers, like the layers of white clouds floating in the air, is a sea of flowers. the blue sky, clear water peaks, jungle huts, together constitute the story of Kanas spring. In September, Kanas will go to the pure gold season. The sky was clear blue, such as washed, dark green slopes, revealed patches of yellow leaves and white branches, connected to the color blocks of Castle Peak snow, lake birch, pine, fir and other trees will be golden yellow, orange,  This is also the best time of photography.

Travel Tips

 1, From the West Bank to climb more than 4000 steps to view fish Pavilion, overlooking the Kanas picture, and six bay.
2, Burqin to Kanas has more than 160 km distance, in May to October before snow bus, 2.5 hours can get there. The car rental available at the county terminal.
3, Average summer temperature is 15 to 20 ℃, keep warm.
4, To Kanas must apply for border card, remember to take a passport photo, costs 2 yuan per card, can be handled by your driver, very convenient.
5, Better not to go in 7-8 months, too many people! By the end of August ~ early September  can be very quiet to taste Kanas scenery before snow. (First Snow will normally be around 20 September)