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Welcome to Beijing! With a history of more than 3,000 years, Beijing is a masterpiece of ancient and modern times, waiting for you to explore. Whether it’s the majestic Forbidden City, the lofty Great Wall or the peaceful Summer Palace, even the most traditional hutongs, our Beijing tours cover more than your expectation.

Beijing is an inclusive city. Here, you can not only appreciate the splendid past of Chinese imperial family but also experience the authentic neighborhood life, as well as its natural beauty and profound cultures. Now, China Travel has always been ready to provide you with a superb Beijing travel and make your trip a fantastic experience!

Want your Great Wall experience to be a bit more special? Please to see our THE GREAT WALL TRIPS.

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Top Three Beijing Tours

4 days/3 nights | Private tour

Walk Into Beijing Tour

Fully explore the glorious history and culture of Beijing and experience the real life of Beijingers.

from $479

Beijing hutong

2 days/1 nights | Private tour

Beijing Culture Discovery Tour

This two days Beijing culture discover tour will let you experience of most standing-out highlights of Beijing.

from $289

Beijing Side Trips

Xian city wall

6 days/5 nights | Private tour

Historical Beijing and Xian Tour

Experience a fantastic bullet train ride from Beijing to Xi'an - fast, smooth and spotless

from $879

shanghai bund

6 days/5 night |Private tour

Ancient and Modern Journey

Hiking and camping on the Great Wall. Enjoy sports and the stars above the Huanghuacheng Great Wall section

from $979

Beijing Activities

1 days| Mini group of 6

Beijing Boutique Small Group Tour

Take time out to enjoy a one day trip in Beijing: Forbidden City, Mutianyu Great Wall and Tiananmen Square

from $127

Tenmple of Heaven

2 days| Mini group of 6

2 Days Beijing Highlights Tour

This tour will take you beyond the scope of the guidebooks to the authentic Beijing.

from $193

3 Hours | Seat-in-coach tour

Tianjin Cruise Port Transfer

Between Tianjin Cruise Port - Beijing Downtown Hotel Shared Bus Transfer

from $47

See More Great Wall Trips

China Tours including Beijing

11 days/10 nights | Private tour

Glories of China

Explore the iconic ‘must-see’ destinations of China from north to south.

from $2,029

the Forbidden City

8 days/7 night | Private tour

China Experience Trip

Have you ever watched TV series’ about the royal families of the Qing dynasty? Now it’s your turn to be the princess or the emperor.

from $1,389

11 days/10 nights | Private tour

China Impression Journey

Explore both the ancient cultures and prosperous features, and relax on the Yangtze River Cruise to see the various sides of China.

from $2,199

Customers Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best time to visit Beijing?

Beijing attracts thousands of visitors all year long. April, May, September and October are the best months because of the fine weather . But try to avoid May 1st to 3rd (the Labor Day Holiday) and October 1st to 7th (the National Day Holiday). Beijing is especially crowded during these holidays.

Seasons Average Temperature on the Wal Weather What to Pack Crowding(/5)
Spring (Mar.-May) 11℃-24℃ (52℉-75℉) Cool-warmer sweater - long sleeve 3
Summer (Jun.-Aug.) 30℃      (86℉) Hot-hottest T-shirt and sun-glass 4
Autumn (Sept.-Nov.) 8℃-18℃  (46℉-64℉) Cool-cold long-sleeve - warm jacket 3
Winter (Dec.-Feb.) -5℃-5℃  (-41℉-41℉) Very cold down jacket and gloves 2
2. Which section of the Great Wall to visit?
3. How to plan my Beijing trip?
4. Do I need a visa for Beijing?


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