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Beijing Layover Tours

China Travel provides layover tours from Beijing airport to the essential sites of Beijing, with our professional English-speaking tour guide and experienced driver. All the service includes airport pick up and drop off, luggage transfers, private guide and vehicle, entrance fee to the scenic spots, and we also offering meals of authentic local flavor for savor your taste buds.

If you have no idea of how to make use of time while layover in Beijing, we can tailor-made base on your schedule and preference. Our tour types sort by classical sites tour of Beijing, local experience and activities, in-depth Forbidden City discovery, Great Wall hike, individual service of just transfers or tour guide service. While tour duration sort by 4-5 hour half day tour, 7-8 hours, and multti-days private tour packages.

Layover in Beijing and your nationality on the passport qualified 144 hour visa-free transit policy, you can travel to Beijing without China visa.

Why need a guide and driver during layover in Beijing:

  • Save time on private transfers and drive directly from airport to the sites you plan to visit
  • Round-way airport pick up and drop off service
  • Your guide picks up from airport after arrival and show you as much as possible about Beijing in limited time
  • Get to learn about wealth of history of the city
  • Taste authentic local food at well-selected local restaurant
  • An all-inclusive tour makes you hassle-free throughout the trip

Beijing Layover Guide

How to Apply 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit

Citizens of countries (currently 53 countries) who apply for the 144-hour visa-free transit policy for foreigners can apply for transit exemption if they hold their valid international travel documents and a joint ticket to a third country (region) with a confirmed date and seat within 144 hours. visa. Transit visa-free foreigners whose passports or other international travel documents are valid for less than 3 months, or have the stamp of rejection by our visa authority, or those who have illegal entry and exit, illegal residence, or illegal employment records within 5 years, enter and exit The border inspection agency will not issue a temporary entry permit, 144-Hour Transit in 6 steps:

  • 1. Inform your carrier agent that you wish to use a 144-hour visa-free transit at the check-in.
  • 2. Submit the arrival and departure card form.
  • 3. Locate the dedicated lanes for 144-hour visa-exemption transit passengers within the entry inspection areas after arrival.
  • 4. Show your tickets, passport, and China arrival card to the immigration officer for inspection and tell to them you wish to transit without a visa.
  • 5. After clearing immigration, claim your luggage and go through customs as normal.
  • 6. Departure from a designated port before midnight on the sixth full day. There is nothing different from leaving China normally. Hand over your completed departure card at the security inspection.

What Documents Necessary for 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit?

  • Valid international travel documents (including passport) and onward air/boat/train tickets to a third country (region), with confirmed date and seat within 144 hours of the first 00:00 hrs after arrival.
  • Visa for a third country/region (if needed)
  • Arrival and departure cards (completely filled in)

Entry Regulations

According to the relevant laws and regulations of our country, after entering the country, visa-free foreigners must bring their passports and other valid international travel documents with them, and within 24 hours after check-in, the person or the resident shall register with the public security organ of the place of residence. Check in at the hotel’s front desk to register for accommodation. If you change your residence during your stay, you need to re-register for accommodation.

Beijing Capital International Airport Transportation

Free shuttle bus

  • 06:00 ~ 23:00: no more than 10 minutes per class
  • 23:00 ~ 6:00 the next day: no more than 30 minutes per class

Port of shuttle bus:

  • Terminal 1: Outside Gate 3~5 on the first floor
  • Terminal 2: Outside Gate 9~11 on the first floor
  • Terminal 3: Gate 5 on the arrival floor of Terminal 3


Driving route: Terminal 3 Arrival Floor Gate 5 -> Terminal 2 Departure Floor -> Terminal 1 Departure Floor -> Terminal 2 Arrival Floor Gate 11 -> Terminal 1 Arrival Floor, Gate 5 -> Terminal 3 Departure Floor -> Terminal 3 Arrival Floor, Gate 5

How to get to downtown of Beijing

Airport Subway

The rail transit connects the Capital International Airport-Dongzhimen. There are four stations on the whole line: Dongzhimen Station (which can be transferred to Beijing Metro Line 2 and Line 13), Sanyuanqiao Station (which can be transferred to Beijing Metro Line 10), and Line 2 Zhanlou Station, Terminal 3 Station. Operating hours:

  • T2 terminal: 06: 35-23: 10
  • T3 Terminal: 06: 20-22: 50
  • Dongzhimen: 06:00-22:30

Departure interval: 09:30-12:30, 16:00-18:40, 10 minutes apart; other time intervals 12 minutes apart. Boarding location: Terminal 2: 2nd basement floor of No. 2 parking building; Terminal 3: 2nd floor of No. 3 parking building One-way fare: 25 yuan/person.

Airport bus

passengers can easily take the airport bus to and from the Capital Airport and 11 urban bus lines between Fangzhuang, Xidan, Beijing Railway Station, Gongzhufen, Zhongguancun, Olympic Village, West Railway Station, Shangdi, Yizhuang, Tongzhou, and Beijing South Railway Station , Passengers from surrounding cities can take the inter-provincial passenger shuttle bus to and from the airport to Tianjin, Langfang, Qinhuangdao, Tanggu, Baoding and Tangshan on 6 inter-provincial bus routes. City bus: uniform fare (one way): 16 yuan/person.

Special Reminder

The transit visa-free period starts at 0:00 on the day of entry, and the time on the day of entry is not counted. Transit visa-free foreigners entering the country, if they exceed the permitted stay area or time limit, exit from non-designated transit ports, or fail to complete accommodation registration as required, they will face penalties from immigration border inspection agencies or local public security agencies.

Tailor-made Your Beijing Tour