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Chengdu and Panda Tours

Chengdu has 5 special attractions: pandas, face-changing (Sichuan Opera), hot-pot, Sichuan cuisine, and the Leshan Giant Buddha. You may have heard of these five things, but you may not have known their association with Chengdu. Visit Chengdu to discover these things in a way you have never experienced before. 

Chengdu is not only the hometown of giant pandas, but is also renowned as the land of abundance (Tian Fu Zhi Guo)  enjoying a history of over 3,000 years, endowed with rich natural resources and  historic sites, like the Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei and Jiuzhai Valley nearby.

We have designed some tours to incorporate pandas and Chengdu, as below. They are all flexible and ready to be customized to meet your interests, schedule and budget. 

Hot Panda Tours

The routes below are examples to help you create your own chengdu panda tour. Be in close contact with giant pandas and take care them.


Chengdu Panda Bases

Tours with Chengdu

Chengdu Travel Experts

Elysees Zhao

Chengdu Tour Designer

As a travel lover, Elysees explore Chengdu, panda bases and Sichuan many times. As a Chengdu tour designer, she researches Chengdu and our customers' interests for years. She excels at gathering information and finding out problems to improve customers’ travel experiences.

Vivi Chen

Chengdu Travel Advisor

Vivi Chen is a senior travel advisor, helping over 2,000 tourists create their trips. She excels at creating Chengdu tours according to customers needs and deal with emergencies.

Welcome to contact her at 800-933-7181, or email her at vivi@hainatravel.com.

Jason Jiang

Chengdu Tour Guide

Some of our customers comments on him from TripAdvisor:
Jason, our guide, spoke excellent English, was very knowledgeable both about the Pandas and the history and city of Chengdu. He referred us to some excellent restaurants the city (& Sichuan province) is known for - hot pot and Kung Pao Chicken.

Snow Wang

Chengdu Tour Guide

Some of our customers comments on her from TripAdvisor:
1. Snow was a wonderful guide. She spoke very good English, was very friendly and informative and gave a little insight into life in China.
2. Our guide Snow showed us the best time the Pandas and cooking. If pandas makes you feel like you've been to China you will really enjoy the journey with Snow. 

FAQ About Chengdu Tours

1. When is the best time to visit Chengdu?

Chengdu is suitable for travel all year round. Spring (March to June) and autumn (September to November) are always the most pleasant seasons, as the former is refreshing and the latter is cool.

2. When is the best time to see pandas?

The best time of day to visit pandas is before 10 am. Otherwise, it’s likely you’ll just see them sleeping. When they’re awake, they always sit upright to eat bamboo. That’s maybe the reason they are fat. Occasionally they also do some exercise, like swimming, climbing trees or rolling/walking around.

Giant pandas do not hibernate, so you can visit them all year round. Pandas give birth during August. You have a great chance to see newborn, infant and baby pandas if you visit the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base between August and December.

3. How do you get to Chengdu?
4. What are the differences between Chengdu’s giant panda bases?


Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base

Dujiangyan Panda Base

Wolong Panda Nature Reserve

Bifengxia Giant Panda Base

Panda Population 




20 (10 on show)

Baby Pandas

Yes — between August and December

All pandas are 2 years old and above — in future baby pandas may be seen

2 years old and above 



See adult and baby pandas

Panda Keeper Program and holding a panda for photos

Panda Keeper Program, taking photos with a panda, and visiting panda habitat

See adult pandas


Like a zoo

Natural and wild

Natural and wild

A simulated wild environment


40 minutes' drive from Chengdu

1½ hours' drive from Chengdu

2½ hours from Chengdu

2½ hours' drive from Chengdu

Timed Needed

At least half a day

One day

Two days 

Two days 


More visitors after 10 am




5. What is Chengdu food like?


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