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As a popular Chinese saying goes, there is a paradise in heaven, and on earth we have Suzhou and Hangzhou. Located in southeastern China, Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is a beautiful city. The city has a prosperous history behind it and a bright future before it. Hangzhou is renowned for its West Lake, a natural, historical and cultural gift endowed by nature. Hangzhou delicacies are irresistible as well. 

Note: G20 Summit will be held in Hangzhou during August and September, 2016, which may cause some inconveniencies to your tour. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid these 2 months to Hangzhou. 

All Hangzhou City Tours

We have 7 Packages for your match!
Glance at Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town

4 Day Glance at Hangzhou and Wuzhen Water Town

Let your mind wander in Hangzhou's amazing landscape and feel the slow life pace at the ancient water town of Wuzhen.

Price from: $519 p/p
Essence of Hangzhou Tour

2 Day Essence of Hangzhou Tour

2 days in Hangzhou, aka Heaven on Earth, you will visit the beautiful West Lake and famous Buddhism temple with a chance to learn about tea.

Price from: $259 p/p
Hangzhou Tour from Shanghai

2 Day Hangzhou Tour from Shanghai

A perfect side-trip choice for travelers and expats in Shanghai. Traveling by high speed train and stay a night in the scenic heaven-like Hangzhou.

Price from: $339 p/p
Hangzhou & Suzhou Highlights Tour

2 Day Hangzhou & Suzhou Highlights Tour

Private tour of 2 days in Hangzhou and Suzhou. Capture all the essence of two cities and experience the speed of a bullet train.

Price from: $379 p/p
Hangzhou and Wuzhen Tour from Shanghai

5 Day Hangzhou and Wuzhen Tour from Shanghai

Join us as we travel to Hangzhou, a charming and beautiful old water town, and Shanghai- a city that showcases modern China's vigor.

Price from: $659 p/p
Highlights of Hangzhou & Guilin Tour

4 Day Highlights of Hangzhou & Guilin Tour

Capture the highlights in Hangzhou and Guilin with your eyes and heart. The both cities will make you feel like you are walking in dreams. Best travel time is Spring to early Autumn.

Price from: $729 p/p
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