Bositeng Lake

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Bositeng Lake, the largest inland freshwater lake in China, is known as the Hawaii of Xinjiang. It is 14 km away from Bohu County, 1,084 meters above sea level. It occupies a total area of 1,084 square kilometers, east to west 55 kilometers in length and north to south 25 kilometers in breadth.

Being there, you can enjoy the picturesque lake surrounded by white snow mountain, sparkling lake water, oasis, desert, odd birds and so on. Tens of thousands of people are intoxicated by the splendid scenery. That's why it is highly praised as a pearl in desert.

Mostly, in summer, the lake is dotted with fishing boats as well as leisurely-flying birds; in golden autumn, reeds are shaken by the wind, while the wild geese are swimming among them; in winter, the lake is just like a silver mirror displaying scenery of the northern border area of China.

In recent years, a lot of scenic spots have been established, such as Lotus Lake, Love Lake and so on. The lake still provides yacht, water skiing, lakeside beach and other entertainment activities. Apart from appreciating the spectacular landscape of lake and hill, you could also have special feast of fish by the lake.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Bositeng Lake,14 kilometers away from Bohu County, at 1,084 meters above sea level.

How to Get There?

Take the bus from Turpan or get the tourguide car.

Ticket Price:

5 yuan/ one

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More Tips:

Because there is the huge difference in weather change of Xinjiang, remember take more clothes.

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