Emin Minaret

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Emin Minaret, was built in the year of 1777 and was built by Su Laiman to commemorate the achievements of his father, Eminhezhuo, the king of Turpan and also a well known general of Qing Dynasty and also to show his faith to the Qing Empire. It was designed by Yibulaxin, a Uighur architecture master of Qing Dynasty and the body of the tower is round and the tower was mainly built with yellow and grey bricks. No wood materials were applied except for the window frames on the top of the tower. The tower has a height of 40 meters and in a shape of taper with the top small and the base big and the diameter of the base is ten meters and there are fifteen geometry patterns on the exterior side of the tower and there are fourteen windows in different directions with different heights, there is no standing pole inside the tower and there is only one 72 step helix like stairway built by bricks through itself to the top of the tower which can not only used to get to the top but also to strengthen the tower body. In addition, there are two monuments at the entrance of the tower downstairs with one written in Uighur language and the other in Manderin Chinese telling the reason of the building of the tower. By the side of Sugong Tower is a large scaled mosque that is able to contain almost one thousand people for sacrificing and it was built by the earth dried in the shadow and is of heavy Islamic style and local features of Turpan. The surrounding scenic spots include the exhibition room of the cultural relics of Sugong Tower, the museum of the Turpan City, the ancient street of Turpan in late Qing Dynasty and early People's Republic, the market selling the folk products made the local people and so on.

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It is located at the Munage village, 2 kilometers away from the Turpan city in the east

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By taxi or donkey cart

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30 yuan

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