Flaming Mountain

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The Flame Mountain is located in the middle of the Turpan Basin with a length of 98 kilometers in the east and west direction and a width of nine kilometers in the north and south direction. It has an altitude of 851 meters at the highest point and the main peak is about twelve kilometers away from the Lianmuqin Town of Shanshan County in the west. In the Uighur language, the Flame Mountain is called "Kezletage" which means "Red Mountain" in Chinese. It was formed during the period of the mountain building movement of Himalaya and was mainly formed by red sandstones. There is no plant like trees or grass on the mountain the whole mountain body is red.

In the sunshine of burning sun, the terra gas is rising and the smoke and cloud is wreathing, which looks like a burning flaming fire and is very magnificent.

The Flame Mountain starts from Langan Quicksand River of Shanshan County and ends at the Peach Channel in the Turpan Basin. There are a lot of vales formed owing to the breaking up because of the earth movement and the incision of the flowing river on the hillside. These vales are featured with the shadows of green trees, surrounding streams, fragrant fruits and enchanting scenery and among them the Grape Valley, the Peach Valley, the Tuyu Valley are the famous ones. In addition to this, there are other scenic spots inside the Flame Mountain Tourist Zone including the Shengjinkou Canyon, Horse Fastening Stake, Foot Resting Stone, the Group Sculpture of the Pilgrimage of Xuanzang. The grotto and fresco of Tang Dynasty and Han Dynasty and other cultural sites and so on.

Inside the cultural zone of the Flame Mountain, the Gaochang Historical Celebrity Museum represents the poems that describe the Flame Mountain by the literary men in the history and all the poems are presented by means of cauterizing. The micro view sand tray of the Flame Mountain helps the travelers have a whole view of the Flame Mountain and there are also other unique arts of the Flame Mountain displayed including the fresco, the basso-relievo, the painted sculpture and archaizing pottery and so on. The elegant demeanor of the historical celebrities has been displayed through the painted sculptures. In the shopping zone of colorful and various folk craftworks, there are a wide range of craftworks and taking this as the window, they have explored the tourist products full of folk cultural characteristics, regional and artistic and memory significance and the folk knife, flower hats, palm-leaf fan a souvenir specially owned in the tourist zone, thermometer, earth pottery sculpture are among them. Outside the terra palace, there is a big sand tray for sand baking eggs where the visitors can personally experience the fun of baking the eggs by means of sand. 

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Take a bus

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20 yuan

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The Flame Mountain is the hottest place in the country, with the highest temperature reaching 47.8ºC and the highest surface temperature being above 70ºC. Therefore, visitors should protect against heat. The Gaochang Ancient City is located closely.

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