Thousand Buddha Caves of Tuyuq Valley

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The same as Christianity from Europe, Buddhism spread into China from India via the ancient Silk Road. And Buddhism played a vital role in ancient China. Some people claim that the art of Dunhuang is the art of Buddhism. So Thousand Buddha Caves of Tuyuq Valley, located amid the valley, is one of three major Buddhist Grottoes in Xinjiang. It was listed by the autonomous region as a conservation unit in 1957.

Thousand Buddha Caves of Tuyuq Valley is without a doubt the world's extraordinary gallery of Buddhist art: a gallery whose magnificent murals and stucco sculptures were not collected from far distant regions, but created locally in a period of nearly a thousand years. Moreover, there is a particular cave contained a sealed library whose contents consisting of written documents, silk paintings and woodblock prints. Many pavilions, towers, temples, pagodas, palaces, courtyards, towns and bridges in the murals provide valuable materials for the study of Chinese architecture. Other paintings depict Chinese and foreign musical performances, dancing and acrobatics.

Over the past 1,700 years, the caves stood the test of natural damage and man-made destruction. Just now there are 94 caves, only 8 incomplete frescos. Those survived grotto murals, which are still demonstrating the appeal of the ancient civilization, have been attracting many art experts and scholars to study on the history of Buddhism and Buddhist art from around the world. These precious relics are of great historical and scientific value!

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Thousand Buddha Caves of Tuyuq Valley, located amid the Grand Canyon of Tuyuq valley.

How to Get There?

At the bus station of Turpan, take bus to Tuyuq from Turpan.

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20 yuan/ one

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Because there are so many beautiful things in Xinjiang, take more film strips.

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