Tuyugou Mazha Village

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Tuyugou Mazha Village is situated at the Grand Canyon of Tuyugou, which is by far the oldest Xinjiang Uygur village. It is also a most mysterious place where varied kinds of world-famous religions coexist. Integrity of old traditional and folk customs of Uygur is completely well preserved there. Hence, you can feel the authentic and exotic culture by yourself.

With a history of more than 1,700 years, it is known as "Chinese historical and cultural village". Raw soil building of village (the peculiar building style of Xinjiang) still represents the radiance of "yellow clay culture". Due to its important religious role, up to now there are still some sacred places which attract large number of domestic and overseas Muslim pilgrims. The village is an important place for religious and historical scholars to study. It is also the home for photographic artists who would like to achieve their dreams. At any rate, it is a worthwhile destination for tourists to appreciate the ancient folk culture of Xinjiang.

According to the record of the German explorer Feng- Le Keke, until the early 20th century, there had been a large number of Muslims who were from Turkey, India and other places of the world.

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Tuyugou Mazha Village situated at the Grand Canyon of Tuyugou Valley

How to Get There?

Take bus from Turpan to Mazha village or  the local car of village to bus station.

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Because there is by far the most ancient Xinjiang Uygur villages, just respect the special customs of village in there!

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