Wood Channel Sayi Beacon Fire Tower

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Wood Channel Sayi Beacon Fire Tower is the site of the period from South and North Dynasty to Tang Dynasty and it was built by earth bricks in the direction of 40 degrees west to the south and is composed of two parts: beacon fire tower and the yard/ the yard is square with a width of 18.5 meters and the yard wall is 3.4 meters high and 0.65 meters thick with three sections of corner like protecting walls on the northwest corner, northeast corner and southwest corner respectively.

The protecting walls have a length of 2 meters in the east and west direction and a length of 0.7 meters in the south and north direction and the thickness is 0.8 meter. There are complete room sites along the wall in the north, east and south. There are four room sites in the west and three room sites in the east, all of which are rectangular with no top preserved any more.

The beacon fire tower is located on the southwest corner of the defending castle with a rectangular base with a length of 3.4 meters in the north and south direction and five meters in the west and east direction. And the station body is in a shape of ladler with a remaining height of ten meters and it is hollow inside with grass mud cover on the inner wall and the southern wall has already collapsed. There are a lot of ash pottery pieces inside the site and they are carved with string veins and water wave veins, which are typical in Tang Dynasty. The building coverage is 0.0342h㎡, 18.5×18.5×3.4(meter). 

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