Yadan Spectacle

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Yar-dang refers to a kind of wind corroded physiognomy and the main body of Toksun Yar-dang is constituted by a continuous and stretching "architecture cluster" with different shapes and styles formed by the special sculpture of the loess hillocks aggraded on the broad river vale.
This "architecture cluster" is the outcome of earth like aggradations after the corroding and movement by the wind and the water corroding of the river. The earth-like aggradations mainly refer to the sediment stones and sandstone layers with one layer hard and another one soft.

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The strong northwest wind blows continuously from the draught of Daban City as if countless steel knives are cutting or countless grinding wheels are burnishing. After hundreds of years of repeated wind corroding and water corroding, large area of the combination of hillocks and vales with various heights is formed. After the formation of this kind of Yar-dang Physiognomy, the influence of the water and wind continues and sculptures different kinds of physiognomies forming a vision of all shapes and wonders. 

The sculpture of the Toksun Yar-dang Physiognomy is very delicate and some of them are like jumping of flying dragons looking very magnificent; some of them are like castles closely guarded; some of them are like city walls, impregnable; some of them are like building cluster standing into the sky; some of them are like Buddha tower or temples, quiet an serious; some of them are like gusting waves, surging to the end of the sky while some of them are like thousands of boats, sailing to a far place. Whenever there is a big wind, hooting sound appears among the hillocks like the wild shrieks and howls. It is so horrible that it is called "the Devil City" in the East of Xinjiang.

Toksun Yar-dang Scenic Spot is mainly composed of by more than two thousand loess hillocks which are displayed in a shape of belt in the northwest and southwest direction with a continuous length of more than five thousand meters and a width of 300 to 500 meters or so and a height of five to twenty meters around. In the sunshine, the whole Yar-dang Scenic Spot is covered with a golden color. The castle cluster standing in great numbers and the randomly distributed houses complement to each other and keep changing all the time, full of endless mystery and great attraction. Seen fro far away, it is just like an armada in good order for far distance sailing and looks very magnificent. 

Toksun Yar-dang Physiognomy is not like several other Yar-dang physiognomies that are located in a remote place that is far away from the city and can be seen by the side of 314 National Highway and you can also have a look at it from the train passing by. 

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it is located in the southeast of Toksun county in Turpan basin, 28 kilometers away from Toksun county and less than 40 kilometers away from Turpan city.

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visitors can get there by bus.

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a whole day

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