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Turpan Weather

Last updated by coca at 2017/5/16

Turpan's climate is not as harsh as many people imagine it to be. The best time to visit Turpan is Autumn when it has comfortable daytime temperatures and cool nights. Moreover, various fruits get ripe and the area is shrouded in a sweet scent of fragrant fruits during this time of the year.

Turpan has an arid desert climate, dry, hot and windy. Nicknamed, "the Oven", the region is very dry and extremely hot during summer time due to long sunshine time and lack of rain throughout the year.

Spring: Spring does not really get under way until March and continues until May. The changeable weather condition, strong winds, arid days make it a poor time to visit.

Summer: Summer begins in June earlier than China's any other inner provinces. Summer is extremely hot particularly for the area around the Flaming Mountain with some places reaching 48 degree centigrade. Generally speaking, the area sees little rain water during summer but regional heavy rain sometimes causes flooding.

Autumn: Autumn is no doubt the best season to visit Turpan. It has clear skies and brisk air and the winds are less strong during this period.

Winter: Winter is cold and dry.