Mount Tian Sarafi Park

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 Mount Tian Safari Park, or Bogeda South Foot Safari Park, was constructed and is maintained by the Xinjiang Shengtian Investment Corp., the Urumqi Wild Animal Protection Association, and the Caiwobao Commission. Covering an area of 63.12 square kilometers, it is located east of the Wulabo pasture, west of Baiyanggou village, one kilometer south of the Tulufan-Urumchi highway, and directly north of Liumu Lake. Mount Tian Safari Park is part of the Bogeda South Foot Conservation Area (still under planning).

Mount Tian Safari Park is home to 69 species and holds a total of 1147 animals. There are 6 species of alpine grazing animals totaling 145, 9 species of desert grazing animals totaling 168, 45 species of birds totaling 275, 15 lions, 14 leopards, 21 wolves, 23 bears, 200 monkeys and 2 white tigers. To insure there is an adequate food supply for the carnivorous animals, the park also breeds sheep, chickens and rabbits.

In the safari park, there are many sorts of wild animals to be spotted. These include first and second level protected animals such as the snow leopard, ibex, argal, bustard, black stork, bear, red deer and common crane. There have been more than 10000 desert animals bred in the park since its inception.

The park has plans to create more areas friendly to tourists and animals alike. These include several specialized zones for segregated species alongside a science museum, tourist shop, children's park, and a hotel.   

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Bus NO 528

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Opening Hours:
10:00 – 21:00

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Recommended time: half a day

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