Shuimogou Eco tourism Area

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Located in Shuimogou scenic spot, it includes four hills and one river, which are Qingquan Hill, Shuita Hill, Hongqiao Hill, Wenquan Hill and Shuimogou River, with a total area of 3.7 square kilometers. It focuses on natural scenic spots as well as culture. Mount Xuelian Golf Course is the only golf course in Sinkiang. It is the nearest compare to Mount Nan and Heaven Pool, so it is the best choice for citizens and tourist to have a rest there. It has the aim of forest exploitation, the content of special leisure-tourism projects and the theme of “nature”. "pool”, "border city”, "north of the Great Wall”. It is a large-scale complex tourism service base with the functions of exhibition, leisure, holiday and sightseeing. Shuimogou River passes Shuimogou sports and leisure area. There are trees, temples and pavilions. As early as Qing Dynasty, it was a scenic spot. Every summer, it attracted many tourists. After construction, it has become a garden. There is famous hot spring there with a temperature of 28-30 centigrade, containing kalium, natrium, magnesium, nitre, radon, zinc, etc. it is effective to arthritis and skin disease. It is also can be drunk as mineral water. In 1982, a hot-spring hospital was built here and some Japanese medical treatment equipment was introduced into here. Some tourists come here for recuperation.

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five kilometers to northeast suburb of Urumchi

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Bus NO104 or 34

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