Water Paradise

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Water paradise covers an area of one square kilometers, 80% of which is covered with green plants. There are river, bridges, pavilions, flowers and grassland. Wandering on the road, one can enjoy the green trees and fragrant flowers. In the 18 square meters natural water area, there grows wild bulrush and forms crude eco-everglade. Yachts and barges are coming and going. The one-thousand-meter long replicated great wall is stretching from the center of the paradise to the water. Another characteristic is the folk construction. The three-hundred-meter long sightseeing corridor stretches in the front area; the pavilions stand near the water; beautiful grasses link together the lake, hill, pavilion and corridor.

The Water Paradise ranks among the top 10 paradises in China. There are 60 kinds of entertainment equipment here, such as pulley, 58-meter big wheel, bungee jumping tower, space-time shuttle tower”, international standard kart race track, free climbing as well as the first comprehensive oceanarium. There are some places for leisure such as snow house, castle, Dai house and windmill house. In the south of the lake, there is a garden consisting of grape, fruit tree and China rose. With beautiful water and hill, booming flowers and tress, full of culture atmosphere, the water paradise is a good choice for tourists home and abroad.

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How to Get There?
Bus NO 1, 107, 7, 901, 68, 51, 9, 105, 104 or 801, get off the bus at Sanyong Station.

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Opening Hours:
10:00 – 21:00

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Recommended time: half an hour

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