Xinjiang Folk Street Folk custom Museum

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The main structure of the folk street is typical Islamic building. There are five palace-style five-layer-buildings connected by four vaults of space-time tunnels style. It is a mix of politics, history, culture, economy and daily-life. Through this street, one can know some knowledge about Sinkiang in a day.
The street is a map, guide and name-card of Sinkiang. It shows the landscape, famous sight, folks and customs of Sinkiang.
It also tells the two thousand years' history of Sinkiang. In 60BC, Emperor Xuan in Han Dynasty gave orders to set up governor of western regions. Zheng Ji, who had beat Xionglu in Cheshi, was ordered to be the first governor. From then on, the governor of west regions started to rule the thirty-six kingdoms in west regions, and Sinkiang was under China's jurisdiction officially.
In Sinkiang University folk street folk museum, there are different halls about daily-life, residence, finery, arts, etc. There are several thousand collections. Through the explanation of commentator, one can know the custom of Sinkiang, as well as their stories.

Through folk museum, the history, custom and culture of different ethic groups are put on stage facing the whole world.

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How to Get There?
bus NO 1, 101, 920, 923 or 104

Ticket Price:
RMB 20.00

Opening Hours:
10:00 – 21:00

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