Yanerwo Scenic Area

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Yanerwo Scenic Spot covers an area of 350 hectare, 5 kilometers long and 2 kilometers wide. The major trees are white elms. There are also poplar, willow and brier. Ancient trees with 100 years’ history account for 40%. Yanerwo forest is the natural green air-condition of Urumchi, as well as a natural barrier for protection from wind and sand.

There are many beautiful stories and legends about Yanerwo. Tourists enjoy the natural landscape as well as culture landscape. In the north stands the sculpture of “Yaner Killing Dragon”. According to legend, there is a young man called Yaner. He killed a nevil dragon that hurt people but died during the fight. South of the sculpture is a zone of poems and ci about Yanerwo.

All these poems and ci are carved in the stele. There is also a shooting range. According to record, “the horde often did shooting and held matches in the south edge of the forest. The winner would wear red silk and galloped to show his reputation.” So this place is called Red Shooting Range. To be safer, target practice has been changed to be toxophily. Every player wear a red silk to create the atmosphere of “Red Shooting Range”.

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tour bus NO 2

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10:00 – 21:00

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Recommended time: half a day

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