Cam Ranh Bay

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Cam Ranh Bay is a deep-water bay in Vietnam located in the province of Khánh Hòa. It is located at an inlet of South China Sea situated on the southeastern coast of Vietnam, between Phan Rang and Nha Trang, approximately 290 kilometers / 180 miles northeast of Hồ Chí Minh City / Saigon. With a total water area of 98 square kilometers (9,800 hectares) and the deep water (the depth of water is between 16 meters and 25 meters, and the deepest is 32 meters), Cam Ranh Bay is a natural military harbors. Ships of one thousand tons can go freely through this harbor. Besides, about 40 large ships including aircraft carrier or more than 100 ships below four thousand tons can anchor in Cam Ranh Bay simultaneously. Cam Ranh Bay is about 32 kilometers (about 1,988 miles) long from north to south and 16 kilometers (about 9.94 miles) wide from east to west. It is surrounded by the land in the north and south and the water in Cam Ranh Bay is deep enough to anchor aircraft carrier. Thus, Cam Ranh Bay is regarded as on of the best deepwater ports in the world. Besides, Cam Ranh Bay is situated on the important waterway which connects the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Thus, it has great strategic value.

The bay goes deep into the inland for 17 kilometers (about 10.56 miles), in the shape of a calabash surrounded by two peninsulas, including Cam Ranh Peninsula and Chong Shanh Kong Peninsula. It is divided into the external port and the internal pot. The internal one is called Cam Ranh Port, which covers an area of about 60 square kilometers (6,000 hectares). Surrounded by some small hills, the entrance to the internal port is quite small (about 1.3 kilometers, or 0.80 mile wide). The military port and the base are all situated in Cam Ranh Town. The Wei Ba on the west bank is a port used for both military and commercial use. The external port is called Ping Ba with the depth of water ranging from 10 meters to 20 meters. At the entrance to this port, there are some islands such as Ping Ba and Hun Zu as guard. The entrance to the port is quite broad (about 4 kilometers or 2.49 miles), and the landform outside the entrance is steep. Thus, it is quite easy to anchor ships and place troops on garrison duty there.

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