Dragon Spring Mountain Scenic Area

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The Heaven Horse Peak and the Jade Screen Peak are two principle mountain ranges of the Dragon Spring Mountain. They wriggle along the bank of the Liangzi Lake like two huge dragons. Between these two peaks is the ball-shaped Pearl Mountain. This is the famous landscape of "Two Dragons Playing One Pearl". The Dragon Spring Mountain has ever been a precious land which noblemen and King Chuzhao fought for in the Ming Dynasty. It's a famous tourist scenic spot in Wuhan now.

The Jade Screen Peak, the Bige Peak, the Dragon Tent Peak, the Horse Saddle Peak, the Precious Cover Peak, the Stone Lotus Peak and the Heaven Horse Peak distribute from east to west, forming an elliptic basin of about 7 square kilometers. Since the Western Han dynasty, many officers, poets, literati and men who isolated themselves from society came here. They climbed up the mountains and recited poems at the top of the mountains. They built up pavilions against the mountains, near the lake and by the path. They constructed temples among mountains. They wrote down a lot of famous poems and articles. Most inspiration of them originated from 12 scenic spots-the Hanshan Tower, the Ruizhi Hall, the Chunlu Pavilion, the Qiufeng Pavilion, the Xunle Hall, the Tingsong Tower, the Zi'e Garden, the Lotus Pool, the Woyun Tower, the Lingquan Temple, the Lintou Pine and the Shanxi Water. At the east corner of the Heaven Horse Peak, there are the Tombs of King Chuzhao, the Tomb of Fankuai who is Marquis Wuyang in the Western Han Dynasty, the Tomb of Lixi who is a prime minister of the Tang dynasty, the Tomb of Shen Rujun who is a prime minister of the Yuan Dynasty and the Tomb of Zhang Tianyou who is a prime minister of the Board of Civil Office in the Ming dynasty.

After the founding of the People's Republic, the local people's governments were much concerned about the construction of Longshan. The Garden Administration Office was established. Efforts were made to strengthen the construction and management of Longshan. Make Longshan green by widely planting trees and flowers. Beautify Longhsan. Clear many new paths through the dense forest. Build the Longshan Park. A series of new scenic spots were successively set up in the park, such as, Yuan Zhong Yuan, the small zoo, and the Landing-on-the-Moon Rocket. Rebuilt the Sixian Pavilion and built the Shunshui Pavilion, the Ziling Pavilion, the Yangming Pavilion, the Lizhou Pavilion and the Zhile Pool. The Monument to Zhu Shunshui was built up by China and Japan. Renovate the gate of the park. There will be a more comprehensive plan for the construction of the park in the future. The Dragon Spring Mountain Scenic Area will gradually grow into the main scenic spot of Wuhan. The Garden Administration Office is contacting some concerned departments. Some historical spots will be gradually repaired and open to the public. The Dragon Spring Mountain Scenic Area greets upon tourists' arrival and shows them her beautiful scenery.

Solo Adventure Tips:

It lies in the Southeast Suburb of Wuhan, 20 kilometers away from the city proper.

How to Get There?
People can take buses or taxies at the center of the town to directly get to the scenic area. The price is low.

Ticket Price:
RMB 10

Opening Hours:

More Tips:
1.The Liangzi Lake located at the foot of Dragon Spring Mountain is rich in Wuchang fish. Telephone: 81620741 Recommended Traveling Time: One day

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