East Lake Park

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The East Lake is vast and meandering. It's surrounded by green mountains. The whole park is divided into six scenic areas: the Tingtao Scenic Area, the Moshan Scenic Area, the Luoyan Scenic Area, the Baima Scenic Area, the Luohong Scenic Area and the Chuidi Scenic Area. Main scenic spots are the Yuyan Garden, musical fountain, the Xingyin Pavilion, the Changtian Tower, the Jiunv Frusta, the Huguang Pavilion, Tian Shui YI Se, Qu Ti Ling Bo and so on. People can take boats at any dock on the lakeside and get to the Moshan Zoo located at the other bank of the East Lake.

The East Lake possesses rich botanical resources. There is a large stretch of metasequoia forest. Many people come here to enjoy orchid in spring, water lily in summer, sweet osmanthus in autumn and plum blossom in winter.

Solo Adventure Tips:


East Lake is in Wuchang district of Wuhan and is very large. There are many different parks you can visit depending on what you like.

The main East Lake Park is on Yanhu Avenue

The East Lake Plum Blossom Park is on Lumo Rd, close to Moshan Scenic Spot, another East Lake attraction. These places are across the lake from the main Park but you can get a Ferry or rowing boat to take you across.

Further down the road from the Plum Blossom Park is the Wuhan Botanical Gardens which has a beautiful Tulip display in spring.

How to Get There?

Take Bus 14, 63, 501, 701, 108, 777, 578, 411, 402 or Trolleybus 8.

If you want to visit the Botanical Gardens after the Plum Blossom Park you can take bus 402.

Google Maps is a great help as you can put in your address and where you want to go and it will tell you the best route.

Ticket Price:

Entrance to the main East Lake Park is free most days. However for special festivals they will sell tickets.

Other attractions around the lake have individual ticket prices, though if you catch the Ferry from the main park to the Plum Flower Park, they will include entry in the Ferry ticket price.

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

Recommended time for a visit: one day

The best way to explore the main East Lake Park is to hire a bike, there are many paths to ride around and you will see much more on bike. You can get a single person bike or a tandem bike for two, some of these even come with a child seat on the back.

Bring lots of small notes (5 & 10rmb) if you have children as there are many carnival type rides and activities.

If you come in spring time bring boots as the lake is often flooded at that time

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