Loujiashan Mountain

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Jialuo Mountain is also called Luojia Mountain. It's located in the eastern suburb of Wuchang in Wuhan city. The lofty mountain stretches for miles. Flowers and trees are flourishing. It's located by the East Lake. The lake and the mountain add radiance and beauty to each other. They become a set of beautiful scenery. At the east foot of the mountain, the ground is rugged and zigzag. The waves lap against the rocks. At the mountainside, there are many green trees and rare flowers. You can find some elegant houses smothered among them. When the cherry trees burst into blossom, the scenery is fascinating. From the mountainside to the mountaintop, the thick forest shut out the sun. Eagles are hovering about in the sky and birds are singing. It's deep and remote. There are a lot of huge and grotesque rocks. The path is zigzag. The Wuhan University is located in the west of Jialuo Mountain. It's against it. All buildings in the university are magnificent. Some revolutionary memorial buildings like the June 1 Memorial Pavilion and the June 1 Revolutionary Martyrs Tomb, the Navigation Club as well as some sporting facilities like swimming pool are all near the mountain. This makes it more splendid and at the same time increases travelers' interest.

The Cherry Blossom Road is in front of the formal Science Institute and the old library. The cheery trees on the two sides of the road are strong. They are ranged in good order. From March to the beginning of the April, all cherry trees were in full blossom. The whole road is paved with a shallow blanket of cherry blossoms. When the cherry trees burst into blossom every year, a large number of tourists will come from all parts of the country to see them.

Solo Adventure Tips:

It lies on the campus of the famous Wuhan University, east suburb of Wuchang and next to the East Lake.

How to Get There?
Take the bus No.317、No.413、No.515、No.519、No.552、No.564、No.572、No.587、No.591、No.608 or No.724 and get off at the Wuhan University Bus Stop.

Ticket Price:
RMB 10 in the cherry blossom season, free at other times

Opening Hours:
24 hours

More Tips:
Recommended Traveling Time: two hours

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