Qingchuan Tower

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The Qingchuan Tower was first built in the Jiajing reign of the Ming Dynasty. The Qingchuan Tower, the Yueyang Tower, the Yellow Crane Tower and the Zhongxuan Tower were called "Four Famous Towers in Chu State". It's also termed as "the First Qingchuan Tower in Chu State".

Since it has been built, it was destroyed many times because of political events and natural disasters. The last time it was destroyed by strong wind was in 1934. In 1986, the local government raised money to rebuild it. A new Qingchan Tower stood at the foot of Turtle Hill at the bank of the Yangtze River in only one or two years.

The whole Qingchan Tower is made up of the main building of the tower, the gate of the tower, the Yuji Imperial Palace, the Chubo Pavilion, the Chaozong Pavilion and the Ancient Stone Inscriptions. The gate of the tower is just opposite the Qingchuan Street. Enter the gate. There is a stele marked with four Chinese words "Jing Chu Xiong Feng". The Chubo Pavilion lies in the east side of the gate. Go through the Pailou, climb up the steps and you will see the Yuji Imperial Palace. The Yuji Imperial Palace is also called the Yuwang Temple. It's where people offer sacrifices to Duyu noted for his signal feat of controlling water. The extant temple was built in the 3rd year of the Tongzhi Reign of the Qing Dynasty. In order to receive tourists, it has been renovated in recent years. After entering the temple, you will see a statue of Dayu. There is a Map of Tracks of Yu inscribed on the wall. It shows the scene of Dayu controlling water. On the right side of the temple is the Yu Stele Pavilion. It's said that the Yu stele was inscribed and left in Hengshan after Dayu succeeded in controlling water, that is, the Yu stele was moved here from Hengshan, Hunan. The stele was carved by Mao Huijian, a famous writer in the Qing Dynasty. However, the original stele has been broken nowadays. The new stele is a copy of the Forest of Steles in Xi'an.

At the northeast corner of the Yuwang Temple is the main building of the Qingchuan Tower. The Qingchuan Tower what we see today is based on the Qingchuan Building of the late Qing Dynasty. It basically retains the original architectural style. The main body of the tower is 18 meters high. It has two storeys. A lot of cultural relics and tablets inscribed ancient and modern famous paintings and good couplets are displayed in it. When people came here and see them, they will evoke memories of the past.

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Take Bus 559, 45, 30, 531, 560, 571, 803, 108, 401 or 402.

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9:00-17:00 (stop selling ticket at half past fourteen)

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