Xinzhou Island

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Xinzhou covers a land of 1,479 square kilometers. The total population is 900,000. It's mild all year round. The land is fertile. There are a lot of ponds, weirs and lakes. The scenery is very beautiful. The tourist resource is abundant.

The scenery in the Daoguan Lake Scenic Area is very beautiful and attractive. The scenic area is made up of 72 graceful peaks and one vast artificial lake. Mountains stand by the lake and the lake flows along mountains. Mountains, lake, forest and temples blend into one body. Especially, the mountains in the east looks like a beauty who is lying quietly. People can see the distinct outline of her face and chest. It's lifelike. It's a natural wonder which is rarely seen at home and abroad. The main peak, Jiangjun Peak, is 675 meters above sea level. It's the highest peak in Wuhan. It's clothed with lush pines and cypresses, exotic flowers and herbs as well as rare plants. It's listed as the national forest park.

Xinzhou has a long history. There are a lot of cultural relics and historic sites. The Wenjin College, located at the foot of Dabie Mountain, is rated as important cultural relic sites under province-level protection. Ancient tombs of the Yin and Shang Dynasties, the Warring States Period, the Eastern Han and Western Han Dynasties, the Song Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty have been dug out in the town and Sandian town successively. A lot of cultural relics were unearthed. Cultural and archeological circles both at home and abroad accord great importance to them. The Bao'en Temple is located at the Daoguan River Scenic Area. It's against mountain and by the lake. There is a drop of dozens of meters from the highest building to the lowest building. The sight is magnificent. It's a group of grand and solemn Buddhist buildings.

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The transportation is very convenient in Xinzhou. State Highway 318 and 106 pass through it. The Beijing-Jiujiang Railway crosses through all the land of Xinzhou. The sole railway station of the Beijing-Jiujiang Railway built in Wuhan is in Xinzhou. The Wuhan International Airport is 31 kilometers away from Xinzhou. A first-grade special highway connects them. The Wangjiadun Airport will be moved from Hankou to Xinzhou.

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Recommended Traveling Time: Three days

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